YEMP – Young Event Management

July 20th – Aug 6th, 2018
Tallinn, Estonia

YEMP – Why?

For the Organization

  • train managers at event of the association
  • on the long run get well-trained managers
  • discovery organizational talents
  • find future decision-makers, develop network
  • promote youth participation
  • give youth visibility

For the Festival

  • highly motivated young volunteers
    valuable feedback from YEMPers on event

For the Managers

  • practical training “on the job”, which is rare
  • possibility to test management skills
  • a special experience

YEMP = Win/Win model

  • brings together 2 networks to be shared
    YEMPers ⇒ access to professionals and conductors,
    Organizers/Festival ⇒ access to active youth network
  • Increases capacities on both sides
    Festival ⇒ enlargement of festival team capacity
    YEMPers ⇒ experience large team, learn from others
  • Low-cost training model for both sides
    YEMPers ⇒ cover only travel, get free training “au pair”
    Organizers ⇒ cover mostly food & accomodation and get a great international core to their team
  • Flexible model
    adaptable in size and structure
    adaptable to different countries
    adaptable to other parts of the sector

YEMP History

  • Youth Forum in Caen (FR) 2008
  • First YEMP in Utrecht (NL) 2009 (Role of Youth Committee)
  • YEMP 2 in Torino (IT) 2012
  • YEMP 3 in Pécs (HU) 2015