Sonja Greiner & Côme Ferrand-Cooper

Sonja Greiner first became the manager of the International Chamber-Choir Competition and the festival Musica Sacra International in Marktoberdorf (Germany) at the beginning of the 90ies. She later became deputy Secretary General and then Secretary General of the ECA-EC, her current position. As a former Board member of the International and European Music Council and coordinator of numerous international projects, she has a vast experience in the field of networking and cooperation.

Côme Ferrand-Cooper worked for 15 years in the pop/rock/jazz music business, managing events and concert venues, before joining ECA-EC in 2012 to set-up, manage and run international cooperation projects in the musical field. He knows how to make sure there is real cooperation in international projects, he has developed useful tools, and he has become an advocate for connecting different parts of the Music Sector.