SAVE THE DATE: Important events NOT TO MISS

World Congress Music Therapy” organized every third year

On the website’s archives section you can find loads of info, the programs, videos of opening and closing ceremonies and much more on the below past events.

2020 Tshwane South Africa
2017 Tsukuba Japan

14th World Congress of Music Therapy

2014 Krems an der Donau Austria
2011 Seoul Korea
12th: a report, a video 2008 Buenos Aires Argentina
11th: An interview with one of the members of the organising committee 2005 Brisbane Australia

10th World Congress of Music Therapy

2002 Oxford UK
9th World Congress of Music Therapy memories, reflections, program (first in English, then in Spanish) 1999 Washington, D.C. USA
7th: downloadable program, studies 1993 Victoria Spain
European Music Therapy Conference” organized every third year

11th European Music Therapy Conference

2019 Aalborg Denmark

10th European Music Therapy Conference

2016 Vienna Austria

(+ the conference’s program at the very end in a downloadable PDF)

2013 Oslo Norway
2010 Cadiz Spain
2007 Veldhoven the Netherlands
2004 Jyvaskyla Finland
2001 Naples Italy
1998 Leuven Belgium
1995 Aalborg Denmark
1992 Cambridge UK
P 1991 Groesbeck the Netherlands
European Consortium for Arts Therapies Education conferences

15th ECARTE conference

2019, Sept 11-14 Alcalá de Henares Spain

Online Conference for Music TherapyA 24-hour long meeting!

2019, Febr 2 online online
International Symposium on Music Therapy and Adolescents
A yearly symposium of the German Society for Psychoanalysis and Music.
International Conference of the International Association for Music and Medicine

5th International Conference of the International Association for Music and Medicine

2018, June 7-21 Barcelona Spain

Nordic Music Therapy Congress

2018, Aug 8-12 Stockholm Sweden