Young Event Management Programme – YEMP

What does it take to organise a festival for thousands of singers?
How to achieve a career as a choir manager or event organiser?


YEMP – on the Job Training – C2

STAMP Workshop for trainers
on how to organise a YEMP – C1

Guidelines on how to organise a YEMP – O2

Toolbox for (young) managers – Annex to O2


The “Young Event Management Programme” (YEMP) is a training programme for young managers, combining a digital learning period and an intense training weekend with training on the job in the frame of a festival. The programme was first developed by the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat, in connection with the tri-annual EUROPA CANTAT Festival.

In the frame of the STAMP project, YEMP served as model training with the aim of developing guidelines on how to organise a Young Event Management Programme – YEMP, including sample documents, and to analyse how the YEMP could be adapted to other music sectors, other countries as well as smaller events.

As an annex to the guidelines there is a toolbox for (young) managers which can be used for YEMP as a service to the young managers, but can also stand for itself.

There was also a Workshop for trainers on how to organise a YEMP, organised in Tallinn in July 2018, partly parallel to the YEMP training.