Project Results

The project results were build upon different activities. The workshops 1-3 served as test runs for the project results. 4 events were organised to inform about the produced training schemes. In the following we explain in short our trainings.

Find here all project results:

Online Course on Entrepreneurship in Music:

The Online Course, comprising 11 webinar sessions, addresses a variety of topics relevant to music professionals in the 21st century. These webinars took place once a week between October and December 2017, each provided by an expert who provided instructions on best practices.

 See here a list with all webinars and topics.

 The recorded webinars can be found here with detailed description.

 Watch the webinars on YouTube.

As webinars are a great tool for knowledge transfer we have developed guidelines on what to keep in mind when developing your own webinar.

This activity was led by the Cyprus Centre for Research and Study of Music.

Training Model for Festival & Event Management:

YEMP (Young Event Management Programme) is an existing training scheme for young managers in the choral world. A group of young managers are selected to attend a major festival a week before it  starts for a weekend of “theoretical” training. They are then placed in different departments of the festival, with responsibility, and do “on the job training”. They have “coaches” who visit and advise them and to whom they turn in case of difficulties or questions.

YEMP was adapted for STAMP as a model training scheme in festival/event management. The goal was to see how YEMP can be adapted to other sectors and ultimately allow others to develop their own YEMP trainings beyond the duration of the project and beyond the project partners.

 Have a look here on the guidelines.

Additionally a toolbox for event managers was developed with tips, tricks and useful links.

This activity was led by the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat and the Estonian Academy of Music.

Training on Audience Development:

In early October 2017 Croatian and international music professionals came together to hear about new research in audience development and share their best practices. Drawing on these exchanges an online handbook was developed in 2018 to provide you with innovative audience-building techniques.

► See here the online handbook in 6 different languages.

This activity was led by the European Union of Music Competitions for Youth and was hosted by UNISON.

Handbook on Social Inclusion for Disadvantaged Youth:
Music is an extraordinary medium for community-building and social inclusion through the development of new skills and experiences, and a small number of initiatives today apply this rational to working with at-risk youth. STAMP develop an online handbook that train you to apply music to various situations. Also we have gathered information on different music projects and further reading material for your inspiration

 Go here for the Online Handbook.

This activity was led by Jeunesses Musicales Hungary and Cyprus Centre for Research and Study in Music.

International Networking and Cooperation:
Based on the workshop “Start your Cooperation Project” an Online Course was developed to provide training for staff of music organisations to develop their international cooperation ideas. It tackles important questions on funding opportunities, intercultural competences and communication in the frame of international cooperation projects. The course focuses on developing skills in working with other regions and nations, and improving networking as a tool for increasing a sense of initiative and  entrepreneurship.

 Go here and choose between the English and Croatian version.

This activity was led by the European Music Council and Live DMA.