Online Course on International Cooperation and Networking

Intellectual Output 5


You and your peers face similar challenges at regional, national or European level? You want to come together and cooperate to find solutions to common problems?

The European Music Council (EMC) and Live DMA (European Network for Music Venues and Festivals), developed an Online Course to help young music professionals from Western and specially from Eastern Europe to develop their own cooperation project and network of music professionals.

How can you benefit?

You can benefit in two ways if:

The online course is organized in five chapters:
  • Stronger together
  • Network and cooperation models
  • Manage your budget
  • International partners search
  • Toolbox

You can follow the online course in your own rhythm. We designed nine tasks to help you to set your own milestones and to evaluate your progress.

The format of this online course in based on text, video and audio inputs. You will need a stable connection in order to access all multimedia contents easily.


See here the version in Croatian: