Inclusive Music Activities for Youth – O4

This theme targeted the development of a model for music as a tool for working with disadvantaged youth. The preparation of this handbook started early 2018. One of the contributors, CCRSM has developed 3 new methods by experts by July 2018 and JM Hungary has worked putting together the rest of the written document until the final event on the subject in Budapest on the 27th of November, 2018.


Music is an extraordinary medium for community-building and social inclusion through the development of new skills and experiences, and a small number of initiatives today apply this rational to working with at-risk youth. STAMP aims to develop a model that can be adapted and applied to the various situations of disadvantaged youth. Music making, pedagogy and conceptual frameworks through which to understand the work and intersecting fields (ie. music therapy, applied ethnomusicology, etc.) will be explored in the goal of exchanging best practices and experiences, leading to the creation of a training model for musicians and social workers. This will be enhanced by guidelines.

“Social Inclusion of Disadvantaged Youth through the Means of Music”
a compilation of ideas, best practices, methods, important dates, events for those, who are toying with the idea of either becoming music therapists, or whose calling in life is working with, or helpint disadvantaged, or disabled people

Come to our our STAMP event on “Social Inclusion of Disadvantaged Youth through the Means of Music” organised by Jeunesses Musicales Hungary on the 27th of November, 2018. Please see the Facebook event here.

Among the invited speakers are:
Eleonóra PappPető Institute;
Andy Icochea Icochea and Ildikó MorvaySuperar Program;
Mária Flamich (blind)Rita Hoffmann (partially blind), English teachers and active musicians
Anna Vető“Soul Filler Program”
Dr. Krisztina Lantos, Snétberger Foundation
Christian Gathe & LarsTingelstad, Dissimilis World, Norway

Although it is a free even, registration is necessary. Please register here.