Financially Disadvantaged Young People


Superar’s introductory material in English from the Nov 27, 2018 conference of Social Inclusion of Disadvantaged Youth through Musical Means held at Budapest, Hungary


Their page is in Hungarian only.
Burattino-modell (literal translation from Hungarian): a place, when the children can “outgrow” their disadvantages. „Outgrowing their disadvantages” means, that they would leave Burattino when they are 18 by having goals in life and that they could word those goals to themselves. That they are clear about their own virtues, their own characteristics, they can relate to their environment, they speak English. If we achieve that, we could claim, that we did something for them.”

El Sistema music education program is a publicly financed, voluntary sectormusic-educationprogram, founded in Venezuela in 1975 by Venezuelan educator, musician, and activist José Antonio Abreu. It later adopted the motto “Music for Social Change.” El Sistema-inspired programs provide free classical music education that promotes human opportunity and development for impoverished children. The original program in Venezuela involves four after-school hours of musical training and rehearsal each week, plus additional work on the weekends.