Training on Audience Development

 Intellectual Output 3


In the course of the STAMP project, we developped an online handbook to give new impulses to the music sector in terms of audience development.
The aim was to approach the wide topic of audience development from the Public Relations side specifically for cultural managers in social media.

The online handbook is divided into five sections: the first, gives an overview of today’s public relations landscape, the second chapter focuses on how digital tools are affecting communications nowadays and the third part, gives a quick look at the social media we have at our disposal today and explains their main functions and how they are useful for developing the audience. Later the fourth section was dedicated to the summarization of the generations that are forming our society and which channels applies best to address them. Finally, the last part concerns practical methods to create networking events to improve one’s event through feedback of other people. This chapter is giving incentives to get in contact with other professionals in one’s field, to connect and to organise a brainstorming session. Groups of 5-7 professionals giving feedback to one’s communication strategy will improve it significantly.

We have translated the online handbook in different languages!