YEMP 2018 – Training Weekend






In spring 2018 the Steering Committee also prepared the YEMP training weekend. A special aspect in 2018 was the combination of the STAMP workshop for trainers with the YEMP, which meant that the schedule for the training weekend had to be done more carefully than usual, defining what should be done combining both groups, when they should work in parallel or where the participants of the STAMP workshop may be able to contribute. It was especially important also to let the YEMPers have some time to come together as a group.
The schedule was sent out together with practical information to all participants some weeks before the event

Concretely the 2018 YEMP training weekend included:

  • different team-building and icebreaker games (memorizing names with what each person likes best, always repeating the ones who speak before / playing emotions with nonsense language / speed-dating with a set of questions to discuss see fast forward version in a short video -> here)
  • playing different difficult situations which may occur during the festival, with one group playing the difficult participant/conductor and the office trying to deal with him/her, the other group observing and them giving recommendations on what could have been handled differently.
    • See list of situations used -> here
  • A Workshop on Event Safety with Marko Lõhmus (EE)
  • A Workshop on Team Building with Dapne Wassink (NL)
  • A Workshop on Working in an Intercultural Context with Sonja Greiner (DE)
    • See slides -> here
    • Download handout -> here
    • Watch the short film exaggerating some typical features as example -> here
      (DISCLAIMER: The link will take you to youtube
      Pleade note that we used humour and exaggeration to examplify some potentially possible misunderstandings when cooperating in an international context – based on different senses of humour, differing non-verbal communication, different pronunciation of English etc. The film should not be used without the explanations given in the Webinar for which it was made or the slides/handouts above.)

  • A City Discovery Game  with Kaisa Lõhmus (EE)

For the STAMP workshop we had session that could also be interesting for YEMPers:
a session on challenges of delegation and building a team with Réka Balog (HU)

  • Download the Powerpoint presentation -> here
  • Download the explanation of tasks -> here
  • Download a selection of pictures to use -> here


In the past we also offered workshops on topics such as:

  • how to apply for funding
  • How to build a budget
  • How to build a team within a short period of time