Social Inclusion Strategies

Did you know, that every EU member country has to turn in its own National Social Inclusion Strategy to the EU every single year?

We looked into quite a few from the most recent ones from 2018 and searched for the mention of the following words: music, arts, culture, cultural, disadvantaged, disabled, disability, disabilities. Cyprus for example has a new National Disability Action Plan from 2018 to 2020. The Romanian strategy elaborates: Attracting high-quality teachers to disadvantaged schools is a persistent challenge. The risk of poverty or social exclusion is the highest for young people, families with children, Roma, people with disabilities, the rural population and inactive people.
Many people with disabilities leave school early and few reach tertiary education, which reduces their employability. Their situation is worsened by the absence of targeted employment services and the uneven availability of vocational counsellors and job coaches.
The UK has one of the largest at risk of poverty or social exclusion gaps between people with/without disabilities in the EU. Although young people from disadvantaged backgrounds are now 60% more likely to participate in higher education than in 2006, there remain challenges to achieving equitable participation and the gap remains large: young people from disadvantaged backgrounds are 2.5 times less likely to attend higher education than the average. A new Disability Employment Strategy was launched in 2017, by which a million more disabled persons should have a job by 2027.

Most of them agree with the following: „Initial teacher education (so your regular BA or MA degrees) does not prepare teachers sufficiently in terms of inclusive teaching methods and for working with students from disadvantaged backgrounds”. That is why we believe you should train yourself if you are thinking in working in this field. In the following pages we will show you methods to apply and concrete examples of how to use music.


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