Online Course on Entrepreneurship in Music

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Navigating your Music Professional Pathway in the 21st Century

A Way Ahead for Music and Entrepreneurship


Dr Avra Pieridou Skoutella, B.M., MA, Ph.D, Post-Doc
C.C.R.S.M. Cyprus Centre for the Research and Study of Music
C.M.L.I. Cyprus Music Leadership Institute


11 webinars have been held and recorded to help you develop your music career further. If you would like to hold a webinar yourself we have put together for you a manual.


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The STAMP online series of webinars constitute an innovation in the field of professional and lifelong learning for music professionals and music organizations training and aim to improve the quality, relevance, creativity and innovation of the music profession effectiveness, financial and artistic survival, sustainability and thriving. It is asked to tackle the challenge of proposing entrepreneurship in music that is musically centered, creatively sustained, technologically advanced, with deep social impact and innovative orientation relevant and enriching to the European context of living, communicating, working, surviving and thriving. It provides a unique opportunity of interaction and personalized experience, during the execution of each webinar, between the ‘real life’ experts and the music professional audience who are also ‘out there’ in the real world. While each webinar addresses a different topic, from a different perspective, their content, compilation and order stress the interconnect-ness of different topics, disciplines, abilities, skills and sectors and the imperative need for creative innovative entrepreneurial synergies across sectors, specializations, borders, ages and cultures.

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