This space is dedicated to the STAMP project and will be updated regularly with relevant information and documents.

Training and Lifelong Learning for Music Professionals

The STAMP project aims to answer a need voiced by professionals in the music sector for greater VET  (vocation, education and training) and the related process of lifelong learning.

In the cause of 27 months not only workshops and peer-to-peer learning sessions were organised but also handbooks, webinars and guidelines were be produced for you to use at no cost.

► Entrepreneurship in Music – If you want to diversify your musical career or know more on specific topics see our Webinar series aiming to stimulate your entrepreneurial thinking – click here. If you would like to do a webinar of your own see here guidelines that will teach you everything.

► YEMP – Create a win-win situation for your volunteers and your festival. See here described in detail what a Young Event Management Programme (YEMP) is and how to implement it to your festival or event.

► Increase your audience – In an ever-changing world we have to adapt constantly our communication strategy. This online handbook will help you to get an update of the current communication channels available and how to increase your audience for your events – click here.

► Social inclusion through Music – Music can be a powerful tool to work with disadvantaged youth, get inspired and learn how to implement a multicultural approach within your music lessons. Disabilities can be evolved into strengths – how? Learn all about it here. If you have questions JM Hungary will be available for you the next 2 weeks!

► International Cooperation & Networking – Want to start your international cooperation project? Are you facing problems and want to find solutions to it? This Online Course will take you through step by step! Would you like to share your ideas or need some help? Contact us and other young entrepreneurs within the music field here!