Marte Tangen

Marte Tangen is 32 years old, educated as an actress and works today as the manager of Vang volunteer center. Vang commune is a small mountain village in the heart of southern Norway, and for the last 11 years home for the mountain music festival Vinjerock. The festival has 600 volunteers and an audience of 3000.

Some years ago Vinjerock started cooperating with the volunteer center, the local reception center for asylum seekers and the introduction center for refugees living in Vang, to integrate refugees and asylum seekers in the volunteer work at Vinjerock. In 2016 Marte became a member of the Vinjerock staff as Head of diversity projects, with responsibility of the purpose mentioned above as well as recruiting local youth and making the festival more adapted to the needs of the functionally disabled. In 2017 she will bring 7 refugees as volunteers and 8 youth between 14 and 18 as volunteer trainees.