Webinar #10



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Branding and a professional career in music;
Examples of career journeys!

The relationship between the performer, the composer, the promoter, the management, the record company and the presenters has changed! We can find more often in only one person, usually a performer and/or author, a merging of several other trades and activities that had been strictly separated before. I strongly believe that all the work around branding and building a new career is still the same as it was in technologically different times, but we have to change and adapt the tools with which education, skills and abilities are perfected in today’s time.


Learning aims

By the end of the first part the audience will be able to:

  • acknowledge the value and necessity of a number of music professional carriers, roles and paths that do not refer to the exact content of each musician graduate studies;
  • account these different professional paths and discuss their indispensable contribution to the musical professional world;
  • increase their motivation to strive for financially beneficial carriers in the multidimensional contemporary musical world;
  • discuss how such musical carriers entail financial benefits to the professionals;
  • apply effective tools and ideas pertinent to career development and branding.


Exemplar cases participation:

  • Pero Mihojevic: He graduated as a composer and he is currently working as music producer, mixer and web designer.
  • Ljerka Koncar Gamulin: With studies as violoncello player, Ljerka is working as copyist, sound recorder and composer of Motion Picture Music. She is songwriter, publisher, festival director, producer, manager and PR agent.


Sanda Vojkovic