Webinar #5



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Engaging in Community Music: Practice, Theory & Critical Len.

As a practice welded so closely to the environment in which it takes place, the growth and development of community music has occurred in different contexts for different reasons. As such, the term “community music” can be understood in a variety of ways, reflecting a myriad of possible contexts and musical situations. This webinar will introduce the concept of community music as a form of intervention through illustrations of practice. Placing community music in a historical context we then delve into the practice exploring the creative processes used by musicians to create inclusive spaces for musical engagement. Following this we will explore the theoretical concepts that support an understanding of the work. Finally, we look at the role community musicians are currently playing across the fields of cultural policy, education, and subsidized music institutions such as orchestras.

  • History of Community Music
  • Music practice as a form of intervention
  • Illustrations of practice
  • Theoretical explanations
  • Cultural impact


Learning aims

By the end of the webinar the audience will be able to:

  • conceptualize the practice of community music;
  • discuss some of the current theoretical understandings of community music;
  • acquire an awareness of how to generate participatory music projects within a broad range of settings;
  • develop and articulate a critical conception of how community music might be useful in a sustained career in music.


Professor Lee Higgins
International Centre of Community Music, York St John University
CCRSM team member for STAMP project