Adapting YEMP – example 1: Training volunteers for conferences

Adapting the YEMP to preparing and training volunteers working at conferences

(suggested by the European Music Council – EMC)


choosing 1 or 2  YEMPer to coordinate the volunteers at the conference

combining the management retreat and the YEMP weekend, thus having a group of 10 people, regular staff and YEMPers combined


  • sending out a specific open call for 10 participants for young managers interested in communication tools during a conference (filming, editing, social media, live stream, press releases) and how to delegate to the volunteers the preparation of the last minutes tasks (pack, greeting people, showing the way, changing the slides, moderate group discussions?, information stand)
    • defining clear tasks for the YEMPers beforehand (for example one responsible for Social Media + Media Coverage Coordination; one stage management + volunteer coordination)
    • Organising an afternoon and explaining the different offices of the conference and maybe playing the game on organising:
      • Communication
      • Production
      • Technique
      • Sustainability
    • Making sure the tasks match to the experience level of the yemper group and give them enough responsibility or a team to be responsible for (other volunteers)
    • Including the yempers as observers in the decision making processes/solving problems
    • Inviting participants of another YEMP programme to help prepare and coordinate the YEMP programme at another activity /event (ECA-EC can help find people in different European countries if needed)