Adapting YEMP – example 2: YEMP in a school environment

Adapting the YEMP to a school environment

(suggested by a member of the
European Chamber Music Teachers Association
who herself works in a school in Greece)





  • YEMP (no age limit) could be used for the organisation of local high school choir or school orchestra festivals by adapting some parts of the YEMP
  • At such festivals it is also important to delegate tasks to other people (colleagues, parents or pupils who would like to help), so that, before and during the event, the main artistic organiser can be more concentrated in the artistic aspects than in smaller and practical details
  • The people who are interested in helping would be trained upon the YEMP model by the artistic organiser and then work as volunteers for the festival
  • One aspect of the YEMP training that would be useful in this context is the “problem solving” game with different situations participants have to react to, another one would be the project development game, since both games show the strengths and weaknesses of potential volunteers and tasks can then be delegated to them accordingly
  • Team building games may not be needed since in this case pupils, parents and colleagues know each other already