Adapting YEMP – Example 3: YEMP at a girls’ choir event

Adapting the YEMP to activities of a girls choir

(suggested by the Latvian Music Council)






  • YEMP could serve as a model for group work organisation applied to ‘internal’ activities of a girls’ choir which aims at the promotion of the development of children’s choirs.
  • For this the structure could be adapted, for example by organisinga two- day camp just before an event (masterclass, festival etc.) organized by the choir.
  • The size of the group may be smaller – 5 to 10 persons
  • There could be small groups of two people who are responsible for a specific task, for example to meet with the event caterers
  • It could still be international since this may be a very valuable challenge for the singers (participants of adapted YEMP) – to learn different communication styles, to listen to fresh ideas from others, to try to express thoughts in a foreign language
  • There could be a similar schedule of activities as for the YEMP, with different group combinations for different exercises and time for common leisure activities to get a group feeling
  • The distribution of responsibilities should be adapted to the needs of the choir
  • There could be organised trips outside the city to find out personalities of YEMPers
  • The event has a small team with a high sense of responsibility
  • The YEMPers could help attracting high-level professionals to the event and getting information about the sponsors. They could carry out various small but responsible tasks and try out organizing events
  • The main challenges for such a YEMP would be:
  1. Stereotypical thinking about how to organize group work;
  2. It is necessary to invest extra time, energy and other resources in order to prepare such a YEMP camp;
  3. A very clear division of responsibilities which is one of the most difficult task for the head of the project
  4. That the way the work is done is not in line with the leaders’ idea (if the idea was not clearly expressed);
  5. That the other side may not trust the YEMPers