Adapting YEMP – Example 4: Violoncello Competition

Adapting the YEMP to an international violin competition

(suggested by Unison – Croatian Music Alliance)





Unison suggested to adapt YEMP to the International Violoncello Competition Antonio Janigro, Zagreb 25 January – 8 February 2020. It consists of two competitions for young musicians up to 18 years and for cellists up to 32, with workshops, lectures and concerts (Festival). Usually there are around 50 contestants in the category of young musicians and 26 (after Internet audition, ie first round) in the competition for musicians up to 32.
According to past experience the YEMP could work with 5 international YEMPers and 5 from Croatia.
The application procedure for the YEMPers could be announced at the same time as the call for Competition in February 2019. Until than Unison will work on a more precise programme proposal.