Adapting YEMP – general comments

A crucial aspect within the STAMP project in relation to YEMP was that so far only the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat organised such a training for young managers in connection with the big tri-annual EUROPA CANTAT Festival, and once a local partner organised a national YEMP programme in advance. So the aim was to present YEMP as a model, but also ask the question if this programme can also be used in the context of other music organisations, smaller events, national events, or for older managers.

The STAMP partners and the participants of the Workshop for Trainers in Tallinn in summer 2018 were thus encouraged to look at the YEMP as a model for training and to work on how to adapt this model to their own realities. The questions asked to them were:


  • Can you imagine organising a YEMP at an event in your sector?
  • If yes, what might have to be adapted? (size? duration? structure? Age group?)
  • Should it be international or national?
  • Where do you see the main challenges?
  • Can the YEMP serve as model for you?
  • If we tried now to develop the YEMP model for one activity in your sector – would it work?

Imagine you will offer a YEMP at your event

  • what makes your event special for you managers?
  • what is special about the festival and your staff team?
  • where could you use the energy, curiosity, network and capacity of young managers?
  • what will be the aims of a YEMP for your organisation?
  • what can be the structure and target group?
  • what would be challenges and pitfalls? (when deciding about it / during the executive of it)

The result of the workshop for trainers was that most participants felt it would be possible to adapt YEMP to their own realities, and that it would give an added value to their event and offer an interesting training opportunity to (young) managers.

General proposals on how to adapt the YEMP where:

  • Reduce costs, e.g. hosting the YEMPers in families of locals / local staff members and volunteers so that you don’t need to pay for a hotel
  • Reduce the size of the programme, instead of choosing 25 YEMPers working with 5 or 10
  • Opening the YEMP to managers over 30 (so it would become an EMP – Event Management Programme or MEMP – Music Event Management Programme or any other name the organisers would wish to choose), either without age limit or with a higher age limit
  • give a workshop on the different steps of the organisation of an event (more details on budget, different tasks of different offices, preparation process)