YEMP – some quotes

“YEMP changed my life! It might sound like a cliché, but after taking part in YEMP, I realized what I wanted to do with my professional life. Learning and working at the festival EUROPA CANTAT gave me an excellent sense of what it means to organise a large international festival, and how complex yet exciting it is. I became aware of my strengths and weaknesses, and learned a lot about other people—as well as generally having a wonderful time!”
Kristel, Estonia, YEMP 1 in Utrecht
“YEMP is a fantastic opportunity to meet other like-minded arts enthusiasts from around the world”
Cathy, UK, participant of YEMP 2 in Torino
“So much more than a programme: great time, great opportunity, GIORNI FELICI”
Iva, Serbia, participant of YEMP 2 in Torino, member of the Youth Committee of ECA-EC
“A life-time experience”
Nora, Sweden, participant of YEMP 2 in Torino
“YEMP3 was something we all will remember for the rest of our lives. Now, you return to “the real world” again, where it may be difficult for your friends and family to understand what you have experienced during these weeks.”
Kjetil from Norway, Coach, YEMP 3
“Over 2 weeks in Choral World… Hours of work, joy, high temperatures, music and international meetings. How to organise the Festival, getting to know (almost) all of the problems, managing my venue, managing the Choir to Choir concerts, being surrounded by music. Everywhere and everytime… And, making everything possible with a group of passionate and super professional people- Young Managers”
Katarzyna, Poland, YEMP4 in Tallinn