YEMP – Who can profit?

So why did we develop YEMP and why do we think it is a useful training model that could also be interesting for others. There are three different sides that can profit from YEMP:

  • the organisers, which is the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat in our case.
    The advantages for them are:
    – they train managers at event of the association
    – on the long run they get well-trained managers
    – they can discover organisational talents
    – they can find future decision-makers, develop network
    – the project helps them to promote youth participation
    – the project gives the youth in the organisation visibility
    – for some countries, where there are no strong members:
    they can build stronger links to the national choral network through the YEMPers
  • the festival, which is the EUROPA CANTAT Festival (we are also part of the festival organisation, but we also have local partners for it)
    – they get highly motivated young volunteers for the event
    – they can receive valuable feedback from the YEMPers on the event
  • the YEMPers themselves
    – they get a (free) practical training („on the job“), which is rare
    – they have the possibility to test management skills
    – the YEMP is a special experience they will not forget