YEMP – Why is it a win-win training model?

Why can the YEMP be called a „win-win“ training model?
What is the „winning aspect“ for the different side involved?

  • YEMP brings together 2 networks to be shared
    • The YEMPers get access to professionals such as conductors and organisers
    • The Festival gets access to an active youth network


  • YEMP increases capacities on both sides
    • For the festival it means an enlargement of festival team capacity
    • The YEMPers experience a large team and also learn a lot from the others


  • YEMP is a low-cost training model for both sides:
    • The YEMPers cover only their travel and get a free training “au pair”
    • ‘The organisers cover mostly food & accommodation, do not have to pay travels and do not have to pay any salaries, though they get a great international core to their team
  • YEMP is a flexible training model.
    It was developed specifically for the EUROPA CANTAT Festival and for young and choral managers. However through the STAMP project and with the help of the STAMP partners, the idea was tested for adapting it

    • in size and structure
    • to other, smaller and also national events
    • to managers of different ages and backgrounds
    • to different national realities
    • to other parts of the music sector and to other sectors