YEMP – Evaluation

Evaluation happened in many different forms during the YEMP

  • Evaluation of the skills of the YEMPers by the Steering Committee at the end of the weekend in order to prepare distribution of YEMPers to their tasks
  • Direct evaluation of YEMP Training Weekend at the end of the weekend, both with an evaluation form and an oral evaluation round
    regular feedback / evaluation talks of coaches with YEMPers during the 2 weeks of training on the job
  • evaluation day on the day the festival participants leave – YEMPers evaluating both the festival itself (interesting for the festival organisers) from their perspective, as well as their experience in the team and with the tasks they had. This also allows them to exchange experience between different departments.
  • Written evaluation by YEMPers afterwards (allows for anonymous evaluation)
    (For concrete example of evaluation form see chapter 4)
  • Written evaluation of YEMPers by the coaches