YEMP – other online tasks

Other Online tasks can consist of:

  • Creating a closed Facebook group for the participants
  • Asking all participants and Steering Group members to present themselves there with some pictures and some fun facts about themselves / their lives / their passion for music -> this means the group can already connect to each other, some may even meet live before the training course because they happen to be at the same place at the same time and find this out via Facebook
  • Splitting the YEMPers into 2-3 groups and asking them to formulate quizzes (which will force the participants to look at different Websites and Social Media Channels and thus mentally prepare for the training and the festival).

For details see example from 2018 under chapter 4


The groups have to find their own group dynamics and methods they want to use (Facebook, Mail, real time digital meetings etc.) and they have 2 or 3 weeks time to prepare the quizzes. Then they share the quizzes with the others and everybody has to answer the questions of the other two groups within another 2 weeks. The task should end at least 1 week before they leave for the festival. The development of the task will also tell you something about the YEMPers, their leadership qualities etc.

For details see example from 2018 under chapter 4 – in 2018 we added some further tasks connected to the STAMP project