YEMP – Recruitment, choice of YEMPers, online training, schedules

Who can be candidates? Profile

  • in our case YEMPers can come from anywhere, Europe or outside Europe, and we always fix a certain amount of YEMPers who should come from the host country (maybe 25 to 30%, depending also on the language skills needed)
  • Specifically for 2018 we chose 5 “non-choral” YEMPers from the STAMP partners, in this case the candidates had to come from STAMP countries
  • they must be between 18 and 30 years old
  • they should study cultural management OR be interested /experienced in event management
  • Usually (except for the 5 candidates from the STAMP partners in 2018) YEMPers in our case should also have a connection to choral music / collective singing, and explain this in their application form
  • they should be motivated to learn and develop their skills in international event management
  • they must be able to communicate well in English


The candidates have to send in applications with a motivation letter, a CV and some concrete information to their skills and knowledge (language skills, previous experience in cultural management etc. The Steering Committee than makes the choice – first by individually rating all candidates with “yes”, “no”, “maybe” and then during a live or online meeting agreeing on the candidates to be chosen as well as a waiting list.