Additional case studies and supplementary material

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The European Consortium for Arts Therapies Education’s website offers courses on arts therapy, publications on the subject, but what we would like to draw your attention is is their subpage: directory of programmes. It gives a short resumé of all its member countries’ arts therapy current leves, gives you a list of schools, trainings in that country.


Hangforrás, “Source of the Sound” Foundation:
they are a Hungarian foundation who do many things, among which the two most important things are:
*Integration: helping those who suffer from physical or mental issues, disabled people to arts therapy;
*Equal Rights: helping disadvantaged families with little children get better access to therapy and to cultural interactions.

A French article on empathy courses in Denmark

An interesting article on Denmark – supposedly one of the happiest nations on Earth – which says, that Danish kids between the ages of 6 and 16 are required to take empathy courses. Although this is not music, it is definitely social inclusion!

The Elevator to Inclusion!

A tale of a visionary conductor who included everybody in his choir.
written by Côme Ferrand Cooper in 2015, project manager at ECA-EC

A page for Hungarian developers and special education teachers


A non-formal education tool aimed at social inclusion:

APCI (Assessment of Parent-Child Interaction)

a music therapy observation method for parent-child interaction