Webinar #4



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From the listening ears to the hearing heart: a possible roadmap for social inclusion in and through music

Learning aims

By the completion of this webinar, participants will acquire a combination of knowledge, skills and attitudes, which are particularly necessary for the design, implementation and assessment of musical projects, programmes and activities that aim to promote social inclusion through music.

Specifically, participants should be able to:

  • take into account the preconditions for the successful promotion of social inclusion through music projects;
  • develop relevant, meaningful and authentic musical processes in which socially excluded people feel accepted to, later in life, find a job, become active citizens and feel personally fulfilled;
  • develop appropriate methods of assessment which demonstrate the tangible outcomes of social inclusion.



Dr. Antonia Forari, B.A., MA, PhD
C.C.R.S.M. Cyprus Centre for the Research and Study of Music
C.M.L.I. Cyprus Music Leadership Institute