YEMP 2018 – Schedule & Special Features


YEMP 2018 calendar including preparations


YEMP 2018 Tallinn detailed Schedule


Calendar of preparations & Schedule of the YEMP 2018:

  • Autumn 2017: Publication of detailed information including application form (see above),
    recommendation to watch Webinars of STAMP
  • December 2017: Obligation to participate live or watch later the Webinar of the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat on “Networking and cooperation within Europe and beyond”
  • 31/1/2018: Deadline for applications
  • End of February 2018: Selected candidates informed
  • March – June 2018: Online preparations
  • Friday, 20/7/2018 – arrival in Tallinn
  • 21 & 22/7/2018 – training weekend
    end of weekend: distribution to festival positions
  • 23/7 – 4/8/2018 training on the job
    23 – 26/7/2018: Preparation Phase
    27/7 – 4/8/2018: Festival
  • 5/8/2018 – Evaluation day
  • 6/8/2018 – Departure (Obligation to participate in the full programme)

(For detailed schedules see links above)


Special feature of YEMP 2018 in the frame of STAMP: Training Workshop for Trainers

  • 20 – 25/7/2018 in Tallinn Estonia, in connection with YEMP
  • partly only with the group of trainers, partly observing the YEMPers and participating in their training weekend
  • each STAMP partner is invited to send 2 participants
  • In the frame of the Workshop the participants:
    • Learn what is the YEMP
    • Hear testimonials of previous YEMPers
    • Get the first draft of the YEMP guidelines and the toolbox for (young) managers and can contribute to them
    • See the beginning of YEMP 2018
    • Work on transferring the knowledge gained to their own field of work
  • The workshop is lead by a pedagogical international team, with people who experienced the YEMP since the beginning, with coaches, and with former YEMPers

A specific description was prepared and sent to the partners in STAMP. See -> here