STAMP Workshop for Trainers – O2, C1


How to organise a Youth Event Management Programme – YEMP

Tallinn, Estonia / 19.07.2018-25.07.2018

Do you want to learn how to organise a Youth Event Management Programme (YEMP), a “win-win” model training for young managers? Would you like to understand what YEMP is, how it works and why it can be an interesting offer both for young managers and for festival organisers?


YEMP is a two-week training course including lectures and training on the job. After a selection process, 25 young people from different countries will be invited to participate in the programme. The young YEMPers, fully included in the organising team, will be testing themselves with roles of responsibility in the various offices of the festival, under the guidance of two coaches, one Estonian, and one international.

The STAMP Workshop for trainers is a training offer for festival organisers and music organisations from Central, East and South-Eastern Europe. In this workshop YEMP will be presented as exemplary training course for young managers which can be adapted to different realities and contexts.


Plan of the training course:

  • Thursday,19th July 2018: arrival in Tallinn
  • Friday, 20th July: Introduction to YEMP as Training Model. the draft Guidelines and Toolbox
  • Saturday/Sunday, 21st – 22nd July: Participation in the YEMP  training   weekend with
       lectures and workshops on management skills
  • Monday, 23rd July: Shadowing the YEMPers starting the “training on the job”
  • Tuesday, 24th July: How can YEMP be adapted to other circumstances?
      (other music sectors, smaller events, lower budgets, national events etc.)
      Evaluation, Knowledge Transfer, Feedback,
  • Wednesday, 25th July 2018: Departure

Working Language: English

What is the project about?

Participants in the workshop:

  • learned what is YEMP
  • heared testimonials of previous YEMPers
  • got a first draft of the YEMP guidelines developed in the frame of the STAMP project,
    as well as the toolbox for (young) managers
  • were invited to contribute to the last version
  • saw the beginning of YEMP 2018
  • transfer knowledge to their field of work


Training team:
The workshop participants will be trained by an international expert team:

    • Sonja Greiner (DE, Secretary General ECA-EC)
    • Daphne Wassink (NL, Board of ECA-EC)
        one of those who „invented“ YEMP
    • Réka Balog (HU, international YEMP coach)
        worked with YEMPers 2015
    • Silvija Prockyte (LT, Youth Committee of ECA-EC)
        YEMPer 2015

Participation regulations:

  • Participants were people chosen/suggested by the partners in the STAMP
  • project Each partner can suggest 2 participants
  • participants (except Estonians) received a travel subsidy
    of maximum 275 € if they live less than 2.000 km from Tallinn or 360 € if they live more than 2.000 km from Tallinn
  • The festival covered accommodation in twin rooms & meals

Deadline for applications: 31.01.2018
Applicants must send the following information to

  • First Name, Family Name
  • Name of organisation (partner in STAMP) sending the person
  • Professional background of the person
    (working for an organisation or institution? In which field?
  • City and Country of origin
  • Room wishes (is it ok to share a twin room? Do you wish to share it with a specific person? Would you prefer to book a hotel room covering costs yourself?)
  • Meal wishes (vegetarian? Vegan? Food allergies?)


The organisations involved:

Coordination STAMP: European Music Council

Coordination YEMP: European Choral
Association – Europa Cantat

Hosting YEMP weekend and workshop for
trainers: Estonian Academy of Music

Hosting YEMP: EUROPA CANTAT Festival




The workshop was part of the project STAMP – Shared Training Activities for Music Professionals. STAMP responds to a need voiced by professionals in the music sector for greater professional training and the related process of lifelong learning and will aim at developing exemplary tools for vocational training (workshop models, guidelines for mentors and trainers), made available in an online platform, and improving employability and entrepreneurship within the music sector in Central, East and South Eastern Europe. STAMP is coordinated by the European Music Council – EMC and co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.