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Entrepreneurship in Music: Why, What and How

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STAMP Webinar 1 – Entrepreneurship in Music Part I by Gretchen Amussen

STAMP Webinar 1 – Entrepreneurship in Music Part II by Jenny Beer

STAMP Webinar 1 – Entrepreurship in Music – Business Model Canvas template

This webinar will provide a clear understanding of why entrepreneurial skills are essential for musicians today and what these entail. The course will allow participants to transform a musical idea into reality, complete with an organisational and business plan, as well as methods of delivery. The course includes inspiring stories of successful musical entrepreneurs from across Europe.


Learning aims 

The audience by the end of the webinar will be able to:

  • discuss the importance and need of entrepreneurship in music;
  • delineate the qualities and characteristics of the artist entrepreneur;
  • acquire a precise understanding of the music entrepreneurial process and skills required;
  • apply the initial steps of the entrepreneurial process to set up a creative enterprise;
  • increase their motivation from inspiring selected exemplar cases.  




Gretchen Amussen and Jenny Beer
EMC European Music Council