Webinar #6



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Acting and connecting: advocacy work and funding models at EU level
The case of the European Music Council (EMC)

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STAMP Webinar 6 – Acting and Connecting by the European Music Council

Learning Aims:
By the completion of the webinar the audience should:

  • Have a first insight of the political and sectoral context of the European Music Council
  • Understand the European Music Council EMC as an exemplar model of addressing multiple, overlapping and sometimes conflicting issues in that context
  • Increase the understanding of the process of drafting a European Agenda for Music as an example for policy work of the EMC and how it can be applied in different contexts.
  • (Develop strategies for advocacy following the example of EMC’s advocating for sustainably and fair funding for music initiatives at EU level)
  • Identify targeted and effecting tactics for applying for EU funding along the example of the EMC


Ian Smith, President of the European Music Council
Ruth Jakobi, Secretary General of the European Music Council