YEMP 2018 – Online tasks






The Steering Committee worked on the online tasks which included:

    • Asking each YEMPer to shortly present himself/herself in the Facebook Group with a text, picture, video or whatever else they want to use – over a period of 2 weeks, each day 2 YEMPers are thus presented
    • Asking them to develop quizzes (this helps them get familiar with the information in advance) – we randomly made 3 groups and asked each group to design 1 quizz: one about ECA-EC (using the Website, Facebook page and Youtube channel to find information), one about the Festival in Tallinn (checking the Website, reading the newsletters, checking Facebook) and one about the city of Tallinn and the main festival venues (using google maps and Streetview to ask questions). -> then they published the quizzes in the Facebook group and the others had to answer the questions, using the same tools as help
    • Organising a Webinar in which YEMP was presented to the YEMPers, the online tools were explained and they g0t a preview on how the YEMP weekend and the introduction to the team the week before the festival would run, and how the steering committee would decide about who would have which task / would  be in which department and asking the YEMPers to join the Webinar live or watch the recording afterwards


  • Don’t wait too long to fix the date and time for the Webinar, it is rather difficult to get together 30 people (YEMPers plus Steering Committee) within a few week’s time
  • Make sure to practice in advance how to run a Webinar, choose your software, buy the registration for 1 month or longer, make some test-runs
  • Record the Webinar so that the participants who are not free on the day itself can watch it later (and make sure to tell the participants you will be recording it)
  • Send out an invitation with clear instructions, especially (in an international context) about the timeslot and which time zone you are using to indicate this
  • Example of a invitation mail:
    Dear YEMPers and members of the YEMP Steering Committee,
    I know you may not all be able to join our Webinar on Sunday, nevertheless I have decided to send the invitation to all of you.
    If you are somewhere with a good internet connection, you can also follow the Webinar on your mobile phone – this is how I followed my first Webinar ever 😉
    If you want to join the Webinar:
    When? Sunday, 19:30 Western European Summer time (German, Italian, French time)
    This means that for Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and other countries it is 20.30!
    How? Click on the following link a bit before the starting time of the Webinar.
    Follow the instructions and wait in the “Waiting Room” or lobby until I will open the virtual door to the Webinar room:
    Most of you will be listening – and you can ask questions via the chat. At some point we may also invite you to talk. For this please make sure you have a headset and a webcam or you can use your mobile phone camera.
    One of your coaches, Réka, will host the Webinar together with me, and we will take you through what will happen in Tallinn and what should happen before. At the same time you will learn what is a webinar and which possibilities you have (on the example of Click-Meeting) to integrate Powerpoint presentations, films, polls etc.). Your second coach, Kaisa, will connect to us as well and will speak to you during the Webinar, so you will meet both of your coaches on Sunday evening.
    REMINDER: We will record the Webinar and share the link with you next week, as well as the Powerpoint presentation if you want. Those who cannot watch live will have to watch the recorded Webinar some time next week – it should just take you one hour or so, but it will be important!
  • You can consult the guidelines on how to make a Webinar from the toolbox for managers -> here
  • Watch the recording of the 2018 Webinar for YEMPers  and/or the slides we prepared for the Webinar (see above)

Specifically in 2018, because of the STAMP project we added some online tasks:

  • Asking everybody to watch the STAMP Webinars
    • with an obligation to watch the Webinar of the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat on networking and cooperation
      • You will find a little advertising film -> here
        (DISCLAIMER: This film will take you to Youtube)
      • watch the actual Webinar -> here
    • and the strong recommendation to also watch other Webinars of the series
  • Asking everybody to consult the STAMP database and think how they could contribute
    • See
  • Suggesting to the YEMPers to look at the toolbox for (young) managers and see how they could learn from it and/or contribute